Blackpool nightlife.

Blackpool is famous for a good variety of T-girl friendly nightlife every night of the week and all year round, we do not have a "close season" these days so January is just as much fun as August. You can find something to cater for all tastes here, some great bars, clubs or theatre shows if you prefer.


Although T-girls can go to any bar they like, many prefer the safety and friendliness of Gay owned or Gay friendly pubs until they have gained confidence, which really only comes with experience.  Why Gay clubs I hear you ask, after all the majority of T-girls are straight, well yes that is true but we find Gay clubs generally have educated and accepting people in them, you are highly unlikely to find aggressive reactions to us, a brighter welcome you would be hard pressed to find. Because of the safe/friendly atmosphere it is not unusual to find many straight girls and couples attending to enjoy a nights socialising and dancing the night away, after all they want to avoid the idiots as much as we do!


If you are new to getting out and about Jenny & Sarah will be quite happy to point you in the right direction and help you to have safe and enjoyable first steps out into the real world.  We will accompany you out if you want company that is, next thing you know you are off anywhere! Our top recommendation for a shy newbie at going out would be to accompany us to Peek-a-Booze, just a one minute short totter around the corner from Scarlets, very friendly and great value.  Have not found another bar like this one anywhere in the world, so diverse and so welcoming of us girls no matter what, you could not ask for a better first bar destination.  


This is very much a work in progress webpage as bars/clubs change all the time. But here is a taster of some of our favourite destinations for a night on the town, in no particular order of preference.  Have put up a map of the local area, for your guidance all the locations are just a few minutes on foot from the Scarlets Hotel:


The Imperial bar (formerly Lucy's 2 @Tobago), you can find this bar on Talbot Road just around the corner from Ma Kellys on Dickson Road. Depending which evening you attend there will be a DJ/Karaoke type entertainment, or a variety of Cabaret artists. They do some very good value pub grub, with some homemade seasonal dishes.  Great friendly bar with a cask ale and good prices, a very warm welcome is given to our girls here.


Mardi Gras Cabaret bar, rebranded again to Stillies showbar and now (Aug 16) being rebranded yet again to Easy Street (edit, now closed and under refurbishment again, will reopen mid March 17 as Klubland).  Was a very popular destination for us, lost its way since it tried to be a showbar type place with higher prices, did not take off so hopefully it will become more like the old style bar it was before all the changes……


Galleon Bar on Market St, this is a straight bar and has live bands on. Be presentable in appearance, you may get some stares as for many it could be their first sight of a T-girl, they soon get used to it though, many of them will approach to chat as they are so curious. They do have some great bands playing here in all genres, I particularly enjoy the jazz and swing groups.


The Flying Handbag, tucked around the corner from Funny Girls with the Flamingo night club above. Seems to always be door charges in the handbag at weekends,  bar prices tend to be a lot dearer than other bars but can be popular with visitors due to its fame.  We do not use this at all, the toilets are always dirty and that says a lot about a bar in my book. Does not seem good value compared with other venues here, expensive drinks and watch out for your change......


Ma Kelly's is very straight (read knuckle draggers),  they cater to the cheap & cheerful crowd,  some might say “Jeremy Kyles waiting room” will get stares but again they get used to it eventually. Cheap bar prices and Karaoke is the norm, with many different "turns" on the stage also.  It’s becoming quite popular with our more confident girls, worth a visit for the brave but not somewhere we would take a newbie.


Kaos on the corner near the Handbag, another friendly little place to stop off at, has a DJ most nights and plenty to dance to. This became more popular with our girls as Mardi Gras declined, not worth popping in much before 11.30ish though as it will probably be a bit quiet. This is also changing ownership at the moment, not expecting to see much changing here. (edit March 17 its now your drinks so they dont get spiked..... we are not using this place for the time being).


Peek-A Booze, on Dickson Road, the nearest bar to us and a real favourite,  only about 100 yards (or metres?) from our front door, a great place to enjoy being out and about. No entrance charge and good bar prices, very friendly and welcoming. This is our number one choice for new girls making their very first outing,  so welcoming and friendly.  The crowd is the most diverse I have ever seen, straight/gay/lesbian/trans/disabled and every mixture of the whole of society, great to be a part of. Resident compere is Ms Cybil Du Vaux, drag queen and highly entertaining, she makes us all so welcome.  Each night at weekends there is a singer on (varies) and open until 2.00am. During the week it’s a mix of Karaoke or even Bingo & Butties!  It’s all a bit of seaside fun.... Can be very loud and gets crowded at times, there are plenty of other places nearby.


Funny Girls, almost forgot this one! The most famous cabaret showbar run by Basil Newby who is one of the founders of  "in the pink" leisure.  A bit like LadyBoys but more British?  A few weeks ago I finally got around to visiting, it was ok and I know visitors will enjoy it, it’s a must see show really for the experience. Most of the audience will be straight couples so they do stare and make comments afterwards when leaving, why do they do that?  Can be quite dear entrance charge and drinks will be more expensive than other bars, but worth a visit maybe.  Or visit Peeks for the Sunday drag show, it’s free entrance and cheaper drinks.


Freddies Bar on Dickson Road, this was Mels bar and has just been renamed, not sure why but probably to avoid the tax man...only kidding. Its small and welcoming, located between Peek-a-Booze and Man Bar.


Man bar, on Dickson Road near Funny Girls.  Avoid it daytimes as its another drinking hole for the daylight drinking class. Fri/Sat/Sun it closes at 7 to hose out the detritus & opens again at 8. Nice friendly place and a favourite of ours especially on a chilled out Sunday evening.


These are only a few of the bars/clubs here in Blackpool, there are lots more and will add more details in time.