House Rules.



Please read this page! There is really only one rule (maybe two) so its quite simple, DO NOT BRING ANY NON-RESIDENTS BACK TO YOUR ROOM. So that excludes arranging "meets" with anyone or picking someone up, go back to their hotel if you want to do this. The reasoning behind this is very simple, safety and security for all of us.


That's it in a nutshell, not too hard you would think but still we eject guests for breaking this rule.


Dress Code: we don't really have one, but and it's a BIG BUTT.....we are a decent place and try really hard to promote a good impression on "Joe & Jill Public", you only get one chance for a first impression as the saying goes, so make it a good one. Dressing in fetish wear will not make a good impression unless you are attending a sex club, so please do not appear in Sissy wear (adult babies) or anything else that can be fetishistic in perception, we are not prudish in the slightest, simply trying to present a good image to the general public.  What do we class as Fetish wear?  Simply put if what you plan to wear could cause offence or lead to giving an impression of being mistaken for sexual deviants then dont wear it other than in your bedroom! You do not need to complicate things, wear clothing that a normal woman would wear out in public.  If you have any doubts then ask us, we really are not monsters and are nice people you know.


Some object to our rules, I do understand that some disagree with our values, but sadly that is how it is, do not come stay with us if you cannot agree to comply. We want every guest to be comfortable and therefore there are rules.  Break these simple rules and you will be ejected.

Enjoy your stay!