To book please call us on 01253 317640 or email

Your card statement will show the payment as "Scarlets Hotel".

Terms & Conditions
In these Terms & Conditions "We/us/our" refers to the Scarlets Hotel owners and "You/your" refers to The Hotel Guests.

To secure a booking a non-refundable deposit of the first nights rate is payable: we will inform you of the amount at the time of booking. Deposits can be paid by credit/debit card. No credit card supplement will be applied to card payments. Payments at the Hotel are by card or cash only. Please note that until the deposit is paid your reservation is not confirmed.


Makeovers are charged at £35 and it is non-refundable if you change your mind or cancel your booking/no shows etc.  Our makeup lady is very good and it is not fair on her that she accepts your booking and then has no show or cancellations, so she gets the payment anyway as she may well have turned down other appointments to attend to you, we are determined not to lose her fabulous talents and the great service she performs for our guests.

We will require your card number, the expiry date, 3 figure security number on back, your postcode and house number. The deposit will of course be deducted from your final bill. (don't forget to tell us the dates you are booking for...). The person making the booking accepts our terms & conditions as published on the website and reverse of registration form on arrival, and is responsible for all costs involved in the reservation including loss or damage. We reserve the right to cancel your booking.
Room Prices

Prices quoted are per night on a room only basis. If you make a reservation more than three months in advance, the quoted room price may change, however this is unlikely and we will try to inform you of any likely price changes at the time of your booking or will contact you with any price increases once they are known. In this situation you have the right to cancel your reservation and have your deposit refunded.

Non registered guests
Non registered guests are not allowed in the hotel other than the bar area during bar opening hours, if you introduce non residents to the bedrooms you will be required to leave without refunds.

Cancellations or "no shows".

If you cancel a booking or part of a booking you will lose your deposit. If you cancel with less than 21 days notice the full amount will be payable. If it is possible to re-let the room we will refund you as we deem correct, we are reasonable people! Guests leaving earlier than stated in their original booking will have to pay the full amount of the original booking unless otherwise agreed with us. 

"No Shows" ie not turning up and not cancelling the booking will incur the full payment for the stay being taken.


Arrivals and Departures

Rooms are available from 2pm, if you are arriving earlier you may deposit your luggage with us at your own risk without charge with our agreement. You are asked to inform the hotel of your arrival time if possible especially if you are going to be later than 19.00. Check out on day of departure is 12.00 mid-day.

Access to the Hotel
Registered guests have 24 hour access to the Hotel.
Common to all establishments in the UK now it is against the law to smoke anywhere in the Hotel, we can get into a lot of trouble if you do. Guests will be asked to leave without refund if found doing so. Smoking area outside is provided for your use.
Hotel Property

We will charge you the full cost of replacing or repairing any hotel property you lose or damage however the damage is caused. If you notice any damaged or missing items on arrival to your room you must inform us immediately.  In practice damages tend to be soiled bedding, please do bring your own towel if you are used to soiling the towels with makeup, we will be charged for towels/bedding beyond recovery and must pass on those charges.

Guest Property
We cannot be responsible for loss of or damage to your property.
Any balance due on the reservation must be paid in full on arrival unless agreed otherwise with us, you must pay any money owing to us on departure. If you fail to do so we may take action against you to recover the money including any legal costs.
We reserve the right to use your credit card or debit card without further request if necessary for payment of account or damages caused.
Dress Code
Scarlets wish to provide a good image and our reputation for high standards is growing all the time. To maintain high standards we require our guests to appear decently dressed so as not to cause shock or offence, please respect this in the manner you appear in the public areas of the hotel. If you are in any doubt as to whether your dress will be suitable please do ask in advance. If in the unlikely event that you disagree with our opinions on suitability then I am sorry but our decision will be final, you may be required to leave without refund if you refuse to change.